Data 4 Impact

We promote “data for impact (D4I) ” by leveraging on Open Science and modern data infrastructure to enhance public insights.

Our Strategy

To extend the capacity of data analytics for public use through collaboration with Data Governance institutions who regulate open data.

Our Vision

To be Africa’s most valuable organization in strengthening “data for impact” and create opportunity for early career data professionals through strong partnerships.

Creating Opportunities through Strong Partnerships

Helix Analytics Africa is an extension of Training Center in Communication (TCC Africa) based at The University of Nairobi – Faculty of Science  and  Technology. It is the data analytics branch of TCC founded to promote “data for impact (D4I) ” by leveraging on Open Science and modern data infrastructure to enhance public insights.

Our Industries

Business Process Optimization

Supply chain problem in Medicare is an ever-evolving function, with the use of open science, data and better mathematical models, development of bundled solution becomes easy and efficient and is a value add in healthcare operations.

Experimental design is an age-old statistical activity critical to collect unbiased data, maintain and then process information to advice stakeholders on the appropriate policy direction leading to improvement in quality and increase in yield.

Efficient scheduling, routing and resource allocation is a critical function in supply chain, optimization algorithms cut the time and effort used in the task

Efficient Production capacity planning and production scheduling to meet demand timely and produce only what's needed, Inventory Control and demand forecasting to minimize stock holding costs and automation of related process is critical in manufacturing industries.

Helix Analytics Africa acknowledges that industries are ever evolving in order to create impact. We collaborate with institutions to offer Capacity Development through Training, Coaching & Mentorship, this goes beyond the traditional provision method of education and training services in Statistical Analysis, Data Analysis & mathematical modelling. We also collaborate with institutions to provide a one-of-a-kind alphanumeric string that help identify research output and provide robust Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

Our Partners

Latest News

News | 02 May 2024

🔴 ANNOUNCEMENT: Machine Learning Module One – Registration Open! 🔴 We’re excited to announce that […]

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